Move over, Pluto, DeeDee is the new (potential) dwarf planet in town

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Meet DeeDee, a new dwarf planet with a diameter of about 635 kilometers and a temperature of negative 405 degrees Fahrenheit, even icier than Pluto. DeeDee was first sighted in 2014, at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, while they were studying dark energy. DeeDee was first named 2014 UZ224. Then it was later named DD, which stood for “Distant Dwarf.” Finally, it was changed to DeeDee. They didn’t start to really investigate it until 2016. Their telescope was too small, so they decided to use the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, which they used to collect information.

This creates a new frontier for space exploration; another planet to explore and wonder about. This could also be an inspiration for new innovations. I chose this article because I am interested in discoveries about space; there might be life on DeeDee (who knows), and also because DeeDee sounds a lot (identical) to my nickname, DD.

By DD 4L

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3 Responses to Move over, Pluto, DeeDee is the new (potential) dwarf planet in town

  1. rcastro says:

    I found this interesting. As long as I’ve lived, Pluto was the main dwarf planet.

  2. mgluckman says:

    Same as Ignacio but now it has changed.

  3. pmahamedi says:

    I was watching the news, and it was talking about DeeDee the planet. No wonder you choose this article.

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