Early birds eat better

Early birds eat better

This article is about how people who are more energetic in the morning eat healthier. People who come alive in the afternoon make more unhealthy food choices. You might think you are or aren’t someone who comes alive in the afternoon. But, most people are. On days like Saturday and Sunday, parents always say to sleep late. Most kids do sleep late on weekends, but that’s also when people are more tired during the day. Then this results in unhealthy food choices.

Study author Mirkka Maukonen is relating to adults living in Finland. She thinks that unhealthy food choices increase the chance of heart disease. Also, eating processed food (in this article junk food) can increase the chance of heart disease. This is new evidence because nobody has ever come upon this. This article is important to the world because people need to watch out for their food choices and try to come alive in the morning. This article interested me because I am an early bird and I was curious to see what it was about. This doesn’t relate to anything we’ve done in science class.      

By Jack 4M

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  1. abooth says:

    Good Job Jack, that is super interesting.

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