Dragon’s Blood: A Potential Antibiotic

Dragon’s Blood: A Potential Antibiotic

Scientists got Komodo dragon blood and they saw it is very powerful and could kill germs. They made a poison, something like the blood, and used it on mice. And the scientists gave the rats infections and skin conditions. It took away biofilms (what sticks germs to each other) and helped the skin recover from its conditions. The military paid for the discoveries. Now they are trying to see if they could make it into medicine. It is very hard to make because, in the human body, the germs are resistant to the medication. They know what the new germs are so they could know what to avoid if they know if it is resistant. The dragon/lizard can survive many wounds and missing body parts.The researchers have to find zoo-keepers to take blood from Komodo without the animal asleep. They found a male to draw blood from. It is a great source to get blood for the antibiotic.

I chose this article because it had to do with lizards/dragons, and I’m very into animals. This article is important to the world because it could be a life-saving medicine. It could be a life-saving medicine because it could help serious diseases. It doesn’t relate to science because we never talked about dragons blood.

By Ava 4M

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5 Responses to Dragon’s Blood: A Potential Antibiotic

  1. jshair says:

    I like animals like lizards, too.

  2. fjones says:

    It’s nice to know that lizards and other animals can help us get rid of sickness.

  3. asorvillo says:

    WOW! I never knew that could help humans when they get sick!

  4. melee says:

    I think this is a nice article because it is not very known (by me) and it could save lives.

  5. myalmokas says:

    I think that it is cool that dragons, like komodo dragons, can actually do something like that!

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