A Mysterious Flash From a Faraway Galaxy


“It was a spark in the night. A flash of X-rays from a galaxy hovering nearly invisibly on the edge of infinity.” The astronomers had no clue what had happened on October 1, 2014. “The orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory was in the midst of a 75-day survey of a patch of the sky known as Chandra Deep  Field-South, when it recorded the burst from a formerly quiescent spot in the cosmos.” Most likely it was from a gamma ray burst. The burst wasn’t the brightest.

This article means a lot to astronomers because they can discover why and how tthis has happened. This is not breaking news, it happened October 1, 2014. This doesn’t change our old evidence because this has never happened before. I chose this article because I am an astronomer and I never knew this, so I wanted to learn a lot more. This information helps us a lot because we can discover things we have never known. This does relate to what we have learned in the past because we learned about our solar system.

By Matthew 4M

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