Beaches can be a germy playground


This article is about the dangers of beaches. Scientists believe that beach sand is very dirty. Beach sand carries a lot of bacteria. These are some dangerous things about beach sand; if you swallow it you could develop diarrhea, digging in sand can cause stomach diseases. Other effects are eye and ear infections, lung infections and having a hard time breathing. If you are having a picnic at the beach, make sure to wash your hands or put hand sanitizer on your hands before eating.

This article means people will be careful when they go to the beach so they do not pick up a lot of bacteria.This is partly breaking news because I have heard of it before on the news but not really paid mind to it. This changes the way we look at old evidence because no one really has heard of this and everyone does not really think of the beach like that.   This article is important to the world because people are now more aware of the effects of beaches and it is important so people do not get really sick. This relates to what we have learned because we learned that the beach is a nice and peaceful place, but what people really do not know is there is more to it.

by Alessia 4T

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2 Responses to Beaches can be a germy playground

  1. nbentsi-addisonposey says:

    This is a great article because it informs people about the danger in beaches.

  2. jshair says:

    Wow, who would think that the beach would be dangerous?

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