This article is about how sinkholes are made and how you can try to prevent them. Sinkholes are holes in the ground that form naturally, not because of human interference. Sinkholes are most common in karst areas, where the underlying rock is made of limestone or any other material that can be dissolved by water. The groundwater erodes the rock, forming channels and caves below the earth’s surface. They can eventually collapse. Sometimes, the sinkholes form slowly, forming a bowl-shaped hole in the ground. Some sinkholes are very small, and if you step into one they just swallow your leg, but sometimes very big and could swallow something as big as the Sistine Chapel. Some sinkholes are caused by construction, mining, or leaking pipes.

The article also talks about how you can try to prevent sinkholes, or how we can predict them. It is not exactly possible to know exactly when a sinkhole will collapse. The best way to predict sinkholes is to use a geophysical survey. Sinkholes seem to be tied to natural disasters.

I chose this article because my family is building a new house, and I feel like it is important for me to know about sinkholes. I think that people should know about this so they can try to prevent sinkholes from happening.

by Nina 4M

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