Virgin Galactic Calls Off SpaceShip Two’s Glide Test

“Virgin Galactic Calls Off SpaceShip Two’s Glide Test”

Sir Richard Branson is trying to send people into space for 4-6 minutes for $250,000 on a spaceship named SpaceShipTwo (VSS Unity). His first SpaceShipTwo crashed in a pilot caused a crash in 2014, setting back dreams of the passenger SpaceFlight. The new“ish” SpaceShipTwo or VSS Unity [not SpaceShipThree] was revealed in February 2016. This week the WhiteKnightTwo mothership, Eve, Unity took flight for the second time. The mothership (mainship) is an important part of Richard Branson’s (Virgin Galactic’s) space program. Hung aloft under the mothership’s (mainship’s) wing, the smaller, space bound aircraft can focus on rocketing beyond Earth’s atmosphere and then gliding back to Earth. This week, Virgin Galactic was set to test Unity’s ability to glide. Unfortunately, strong winds ruined that plan so the mothership and the Unity stayed attached through the entire flight.  

I chose this article because it is about space and I find that interesting. Another reason why I chose it is because I want to make a difference and Richard Branson does too. It is important to the world because it means that slowly but surely people will be able to travel to space. It does not relate to anything we have done in science class and it doesn’t change the way we look at old evidence.

by Tyler 4L

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