NASA’s  Spacecraft Juno

Recently a NASA spacecraft called Juno made its first full orbit around Jupiter. Juno traveled 2600 miles above Jupiter’s swirling clouds. Cameras on board captured high resolution views of the atmosphere and the first glimpse of Jupiter’s north and south poles.  But the thing that really got the scientists’ attention was the sounds recorded by a recording instrument, called “waves,” on the ship. They described the sounds as haunting and are similar to spooky sounds associated with Halloween! Scientists are still trying to figure it out.  

This journey Juno made was very important to science because it means that we now have more images of the planet Jupiter.  I chose this article because I like learning about planets. This information is important to the world because the more we know about our universe the better. This article tells me there is still so much we don’t know about what happens in space and it is fun to learn about it!

By Steven 4T

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