How a Mastodon’s Teeth Found in Michigan May Tell Us How It Died


This article is about a teacher named Seth Colling, with a student in Michigan, walking and seeing something in the lake sticking up. They went over and found a mastodon’s teeth, ribs, forelimbs, etc. from 12,000 to 13,000 years ago that looked like quartz Ice Age relatives to elephants. They uncovered 70% of the beast’s skeleton. Other people think that the beast died because of humans, Dr. Fisher does not think that. By using a microCT on their teeth you can discover what time of year it was.

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This article means a lot to science because they have discovered a new thing about mastodons. I do not think it is breaking news because it is not on the news and it was discovered in 2014, but now they decided to write an article. I think it changes the way we look at old evidence because they discovered new things.  I chose this article because it interests me and seemed cool compared to other articles. This information is important to the world because people now know about this information and the mastodons.

by Giulia 4L

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