Why Yellow Birds Mysteriously Turn Red

Source:National Geographic, Link: Click Here

For the yellow-shafted northern flicker, ‘you are what you eat’ has proven freakishly true.” That is a quote from National Geographic, explaining why yellow birds (yellow-shafted northern flickers) are turning red. It is because they have been eating honeysuckle berries, so then the honeysuckle berries affected their feather color. “In the late 1800s, horticulturalists imported honeysuckle bushes from Europe and Asia both as landscaping and to provide bird habitat and food.” I keep thinking of flamingos because flamingos are actually only pink because their diet of shrimp makes them pink. But anyway, the berries are turning the once yellow birds into red birds.

This could be revolutionary for science because if they perfect this color changing then humans could turn different colors. I could be neon yellow for the rest of my life! We the humans could CHANGE COLOR! Scientists could take the chemicals out of food that makes animals turn different colors and put them into us. We could have our own camouflage! For example, if humans go to study information about tigers, then we could camouflage into the rainforest so the tigers couldn’t see us. That is extremely important. I chose this article because we could research animals better and CHANGE COLOR! It does not relate to anything I have learned in science. It is very revolutionary to science.

by Ignacio 4L


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