The Bear That Walked Like a Human May Have Been Killed By One

National Geographic

Bears are known to walk on four legs, but not Pedals!  This article is about Pedals, a black bear in suburban New Jersey, who walked like a human until last week when she was shot with a bow and arrow during a week long black bear hunting season.  Pedals was killed after being targeted for a long time because he walked upright. The hunter who killed Pedals boasted about it after the killing. Pedals had a strong local and online following because he was often photographed and seen walking upright on his back feet. Pedals walked on two legs because of an illness that prevented him from walking on all fours.

This article states that New Jersey may reconsider its legal black bear hunting season.  Also, doctors and scientists would like the hunter to donate Pedals’s body to doctors and scientists so they can study why Pedals walked on two legs and prevent other bears from having to walk this way. I chose this article because it looked interesting and because it was recently published. This information does not relate to what we are studying in science. I think this article is important to the world because maybe other states and countries will consider stopping hunting seasons and maybe scientists can prevent other bears from walking upright and being so easily noticed and targeted by hunters.

by Elizabeth 4L

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