Saturn on Steroids

About 400 light years from our solar system, there is a celestial body that looks like Saturn on steroids. Its rings are about 200 times larger. It is 75 million miles in diameter. The rings are so large that scientists aren’t sure why it doesn’t get ripped apart by the gravity effect of the planets around it.     

Scientists think its not getting hit because of the way its facing. They call the planet in the middle of the rings J1407b. Scientists are not sure whether it is a gigantic planet that measures many times larger than Saturn or a failed star called the brown dwarf. There is a point when the planet is lopsided in its orbit, when it comes close to to the star nearest called Sunlike, which should disrupt the the rings but they look as  though were not touched. The simulations down below  say if it’s possible  for  the object and its rings spin out of sync with each other, the ice and debris that make up the ring system are never too close to the sun for too long, which makes them more stable. That means they can stay together in a ring formation in the face of the star’s intense gravity.   


I wanted to do this article because I love space and that it’s a new gigantic planet that as huge rings.

by Taylor 4M

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