Monkeys Can Make Stone Tools But They Don’t Use Them

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! The monkeys in Serra da Capivara National Park in Brazil are known for their useage of rocks. The rocks are used for hammers which are then used to crack open nuts. They are also used for digging and to show off to mates. Scientists have found out that they also bang stones together for no apparent reason, making very sharp edges and flakes which are also very sharp. Strangely enough, they don’t use them. Tomos Proffit, researcher at Oxford, has studied early human tools made in Africa, and his partners in England and Brazil reported on the tools and analysis of the rock flakes in the scientific journal, Nature. This rock banging makes little sense, even to scientists. Monkeys have been seen smashing two rocks together. They even have been sighted licking the tops of broken rocks. Researchers believe that rocks may have some sort of nutrients in them. The rocks were very well carved. Even Tomos Proffit thought that the monkeys’ carvings were made by ancient Americans, but it’s been proven that it was made by the monkeys . If an archaeologist finds flakes in a rock, there are two possibilities. One: a monkey did it for no apparent reason; Two: a man from ancient times made it with a purpose. When monkeys crack open the rocks, there are also signs of damage. All in all, this discovery gives more questions than answers.

This article means a lot for science and history. This changes the way people have thought monkeys have acted as well. This definitely changes the way we look at old evidence. Our old evidence was that only man could make stone tools but this research proves that monkeys can make these identical stone tools. I chose this article because this relates to history and science and I think it is fun to hear about animals doing the same things as humans.

by Abigail 4T

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