Coral Reefs

The recent science article I found is entitled, “Coral Vita Tries to Restore Coral Reefs in the World.” This article is about a company named Coral Vita who tries to make coral on land and then wants to put it in the water once it’s ready. Coral reefs are animals not plants and are important because they provide shelter and food to other sea life. Coral reefs are vulnerable because the rise of the ocean temperatures is causing the coral to reject the algae that live on them. The algae gives the coral food and color and in return the coral gives the algae a place to live. The coral is dying because it has no food. I found this article on “Kids News Article.” Here is the link to the article I found

This article is current news because recently Coral Vita found a new way to grow coral by growing it out the of water. This might change the way we look at old evidence because Coral Vita hasn’t tried the new way of growing coral yet. They have their first test in 2017. I choose this article because I think coral is very interesting and I already know some things about coral and I want to learn more. This article is important to the world because some fish eat coral and without coral the food chain would be going in a different direction than the world would want. This article does not relate to anything I have learned in the past 3 years I have been doing science at Hackley, but I hope this year I will learn about coral reefs.

by Danielle 4M

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