Bananas under attack: Understanding Their Foes

I chose an article from Science News for Kids called, “Bananas under attack: Understanding Their Foes.” I chose this article because I really like to eat bananas and I would want to learn a lot more about them. This article is about how bananas are being attacked by fungi and how it affects them. Some farmers use chemical sprays to get rid of fungal diseases but these sprays are very expensive and they can harm the environment, sadly. Three fungal diseases are Black Sigatoka, Yellow Sigatoka, and finally Eumusae, which all look the same but Black Sigatoka is the worst, then Eumusae, and then Yellow Sigatoka. Those were pretty much all the main points of my article.

Now I will tell more of the details for the article I chose. Genes from fungi are starting to change in ways that that allow those fungi to steal the banana’s nutrients. This article is pretty new but not brand new because it was officially published this year on August 11. The information in this article is important to the world because bananas with fungal diseases could rot, even before they ripen. This is also important to me because as I said earlier, I love to eat bananas! I think that if scientists keep studying these fungal diseases, I think they will find out they are not as bad as they had thought. Scientist are trying to look for a new way to control the fungal diseases. That is all that I will write about in my article.

by Alex 4T

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