Alien Life Existing on Other Planets

Space, to the naked eye, might just look like an infinite, empty void full of stars and planets, but recent news might prove that this theory is incorrect. Astronauts have found a trail of cosmic dust which may lead to alien life. For more than fifty years, we have known that the cosmos are filled with about a trillion specks of dust, which could be helpful in this discovery. In the year 1997, a group from NASA set off on a journey in February, departing from a Florida spaceport. By the time it was February 2004, the aircraft had already traveled more than two billion kilometers away from Earth. But one day, a space cadet,whose name was Kempf, discovered a chemical signature of silicate, a mineral common on Earth, in the distant space dust. Silicate is a material used to manufacture beach sand. Mr. Kempf thought that this was really odd when he checked the data that they had when they returned home. All the moons that they were aware of were ice moons, and yet he was picking up little pieces of rock. Kempf felt both a lot of excitement but also a bunch of worry. Some scientists thought that this discovery was too odd to be true, that maybe the ship’s dust detector was off. After that experience, Kempf really never felt comfortable because in the back of his mind, something told him that this was not right. Years later, Kempf finally began to relax, for Science had proven him right! Deep inside Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, is a warm place where an alien life form might live.

This has something to do with something we did in science class this year. I remember that we watched a movie with all of the most well known planets and stars. The world should know about Kempf’s discovery because it proves that so much of the universe has yet to be explored and that there could be someplace just like Earth. Also, I think this article would inspire  young children to become an astronaut and discover alien life on other planets too!

by N’darri 4M

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