Reported Sighting of Extinct River Dolphin is Unlikely

In the early 2000s, everyone declared that a species of dolphins, named the Yangtze river dolphins, were officially extinct. These river dolphins were known to swim in China. After a six week survey, a guy named Song Qi had claimed to see a baiji dolphin during his seven day expedition in search of different interesting animals. Song wasn’t an expert on baiji river dolphins so he wasn’t certain. A biologist named Samuel Turvey had also done some research about the sighting. A baiji dolphin is part of the river dolphin species. Later the numbers started to drop of the species due to pollution chemicals in water and boat accidents. In 2002, there was a possible claim to be a sighting of a baiji. Then there was another sighting of a baiji in 2007, but eventually it turned out to be a porpoise.

Now there are only 500-1,800 baiji dolphins of the river dolphin species left. This is a scientific problem because these are an endangered species. This information is important because the world could lose a very important species. I chose this article because it shows how important an animal species can be. The river dolphin species is in danger!

by Sejal 4T

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  1. nbentsi-addisonposey says:

    You give a lot of support to protecting this species. Awesome!

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