Where Will Lightning Strike


On August 20, 1975, Michael McQuilken and Sean hiked to the top of Moro Rock together with their sister Mary and her friend Margie. They climbed on a huge granite dome. And Sean got struck by lightning. Lightning strikes at  28,000° Celsius  or 50,000° Fahrenheit. Lightning occurs 100 times a second every day 24/7.In 2012, 28 people perished from lightning in the U.S. They have created lightning in a laboratory once. In a time period of Greeks, Romans and the Norse believed that gods threw lightning down at their enemies. Scientists think lightning sparks in one of two ways. According to one idea, the charged hail, rain, and ice inside a storm cloud magnifies the electric field within the cloud. (An electric field is the region where the charges can do work.) That added boost gives the charges enough power to spark lightning. The other theory is that with cosmic rays lightning charges up power to heat up and strike down. Something that looks like an upside down salad bowl really is a lightning detector.It is called Huntsville Alabama Marx Meter Array, or HAMMA. When a storm passes by and a bolt of lightning flashes, HAMMA can determine where the strike happened, and it can also measure how big the electric field of the lightning strike was. With technology today HAMMA can sense a lighting strike a millisecond before it happens. With tracking systems that track lightning sparks they can learn the storms behavior.

I chose this article because lightning fascinates me because I want to learn about lightning and how it is caused. I think it is important because people need to know when lightning strikes so they can get away safely. I do not remember if we ever studied lightning in class.

by Steven 4M

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