The Secret Of The Sidewinder

The sidewinder is part of the rattle snake family. Sidewinders live in the desert.  Most snakes have trouble moving in the sand but not the sidewinder. Unlike other snakes, the sidewinder grips the sand and moves its body from side to side. This unique sideways motion both gives the sidewinder its name and allows it to climb hills in the desert.

Scientists have been trying to figure out how the sidewinder moves for a long time. Solving that problem may one day help us have better rescue options. These options will help scientists build robots that could find people in debris from a natural disaster. These scientists have determined that the sidewinder goes uphill by using its body to grip the sand. The steeper the slope, the more  of the sidewinder’s body comes in contact with sand, which allows it to climb hills. Other animals dig into the sand when going up steep slopes. The sidewinder moves its body by lifting certain parts of its body in a sideways motion.  I choose this article because I thought it was very interesting.

by Ben K 4C

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