Math from Memory

Everyday you spend time on memorizing multiplication tables, it might just make you a better mathematician and help you do complicated math problems later without a calculator. A new study from a team of scientists from Stanford University in California have proved how the brain reorganizes itself as kids learn math in classes or other programs. After some time spent practicing math facts, the study shows children won’t need calculators or fingers to do math. It will be easier and quicker for them to figure out higher leveled math problems.This will change the way we look at math. Scientists scanned students’ brains and recorded the brains’ activity, for example, how long it takes to figure out a math question and discovered the more they studied their basic math facts the quicker they were able to solve more difficult math problems.

I chose this article because I thought it would be interesting to learn how to increase my ability in doing more difficult math problems. It seems memorizing basic math can help later when I learn very hard math problems. This could change the way teachers teach math and the way people study.

by Gabi 4L

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