Lunar Eclipse

On October 8 around 6:25am EDT something very special happened. There was a very unusual lunar eclipse. It started at about 5:15am EDT and ended at about 7:25am EDT. The moon appeared red orange because when the earth, the sun, and moon line up together, the earth blocks the sun’s rays. The sun’s rays go through the earth’s atmosphere which can be dusty. Depending on how dusty, it makes the sun’s rays a reddish color. The rays keep going to the moon making the moon a red orange color. Most of North America can see it although the western side can see it more easily. Countries across the Pacific Ocean will also be able to see it but countries in Africa and Europe will not because it is daytime there. Usually an eclipse happens once every few years.  The one that happened on October 8 is special  because it is the second one out of four eclipses in two years. The next time this pattern happens will not be for a long time.

Astronomy is a kind of science and studying the sky and planets is part of astronomy and this is an unusual event for astronomy. This is not a new event but it did happen recently. This does not really change our old evidence because this has happened many times before. I chose this article because I came up with a list of recent science in the news articles and I picked this one because I like space, planets and the moon. I also like to watch the different phases of the moon. This article is not that important to the world but it is interesting. It helps us appreciate more about our natural world. This article is related to volume because an eclipse is when a larger object covers a smaller object.

by Ben G. 4C

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