How Did Nigeria Quash Its Ebola Outbreak So Quickly?

The article is about the first man in Nigeria to contract Ebola during this outbreak and how Nigeria took steps to prevent the spread of Ebola throughout the country. Most importantly, they immediately isolated the patient for testing then they took a detailed list of all their contact with people. Every person was contacted and then monitored every day for symptoms. All health information is communicated to the entire population so they are aware of the symptoms and will reach out for help. Nigeria created a Central Incident Management System to coordinate all of the efforts. The United States can learn  a thing or two from Nigeria and how they handled the outbreak. The three things every country needs to do are: to coordinate, to track, and to monitor all of the people that have any contact with an Ebola patient or someone who was in contact with Ebola. Countries need to take fast action to identify affected people and be forceful with interventions. If Nigeria doesn’t have another case of Ebola by October 20th it will be Ebola free for a month which means they would have successfully prevented an outbreak!

Nigeria can teach all countries how to prepare or to prevent further cases. Ebola is not new, but a Nigerian man was visiting family in Liberia where there is an Ebola outbreak. This article is a lesson to other countries how to be prepared for other Ebola cases and other diseases. I chose this article to learn more about Ebola and to teach you about what is going on with these Ebola cases. That is my science in the news article!

by Avery 4C

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  1. achandra says:

    Great article Avery! There is one thing though, you copied the first article twice! Other than that, great story! 🙂

  2. rdiste says:

    Good catch, Arushi! I fixed it!

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