Goliath encounter: Puppy-sized spider surprises scientist in rainforest


There has been a new spider encounter. It is bigger than the tarantula and was found in the Guyana Rainforest. The spider’s name is Goliath spider. It is as big as a baby puppy dog and it makes a web like all spiders then traps the prey or jumps straight on them and kills them.

The man who found the spider was just going for a late night walk and saw something moving. He thought it was a mouse or some little mammal. He turned on the flashlight that he had and was so surprised at what he saw. The man is actually a scientist  so he would have been extra surprised because he thought there was no such thing. It was already heard of but seeing one in your backyard would be a surprise,  wouldn’t it? It’s weight is about six oz and its leg span is one foot or thirty centimeters.

The spider has been known for a while but imagine seeing one in your backyard! I chose this article because I am very interested in spiders and I was very surprised at what I saw. I think this is important to the world because there is so many new creatures in the world that we do not know about and species down in the deep sea could be as smart as us but we just do not know about them.

by Dan P. 4L

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