Are Polar Bears Extinct?

Polar bears might be endangered animals because there are only about 25,000 polar bears remaining in the frosty climate. Scientists believe that Polar Bear’s environment might be melting. These polar bears are living are in Canada, Alaska, Norway, Greenland and Russia. Those places are warmer than they’re supposed to be which might cause the sea ice to melt which can not happen because the polar bears need to hunt on the ice to catch food like seals and walruses. The polar bears’ warm environment has caused them to lose weight, drown and starve to death which means there will be less polar bears in the world. Some Polar bears weigh about 1,400 pounds and some polar bears when standing on their paws reach about 11 feet tall. This shows that polar bears need a healthy environment to live and catch food in order to survive.

We need these animals to survive because they are big animals in the arctic who keep their environment in balance because they eat other predators and other animals. This is important to the world because we can not have to many predators in the world because they will eat all the other important animals that we need in this word. I chose this article because I love animals and want to keep them healthy and safe!

by Welyn 4L

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5 Responses to Are Polar Bears Extinct?

  1. bwasserman says:

    Great job!!!

  2. dobrien says:

    Welyn, I really liked your passage. I totally learned a lot about polar bears, and I can’t believe that there are only 25,000 left!

  3. dparidis says:

    I never knew that polar bears had so much weight!

  4. cgervais says:

    I never knew they could get so tall.

  5. dobrien says:

    I never knew that they could be so tall or wiegh so much.

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