National Zoo’s Adorable Giant Panda Cub Is Two Months Old!

On August  21, 2020,  a 21 year old panda gave birth to a little baby panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo.  The little baby panda was helpless; he couldn’t see, hear, or walk. Zookeepers were excited and scared,  because it is hard to keep little baby pandas alive. But the mom panda took excellent care of him and he is  thriving. His mom is now able to walk him to the door and sometimes outside. He is also turning out to be pretty feisty. When he is a hundred days old, his name will be announced.   

    This article is important because it shows you how  friendly and kind animals are. It also is important because it shows you the  life of a baby panda, and it tells you how to take care of a baby panda. It shows how the baby panda was helpless but the mom took care of him and showed how good animals can parent their child without the help of humans. I chose this article to show people animals aren’t bad or scary. We should all let them live their lives unless they need help. We all should respect animals and treat them kindly. Baby pandas are very rare, so we need to take care of them the right way, which the zookeepers did. That is what I think this article means for science. Another reason why I chose this article is because baby pandas are most likely to be endangered soon, so we have to take care of them.

By Luke 4S

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“America’s Top Young Scientist” May Have Found A Way To Stop COVID-19


This month, Anika Chebrolu (age 14) from Frisco Texas, won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge award and was named “America’s Top Young Scientist.”  Her project was called “Combating the Influenza Epidemic.”  She won $25,000, an exclusive mentorship with a 3M scientist, and a special destination trip. She is now working with her 3M mentor, Dr Mahfuzu ALi, to work on combating the Covid-19 virus. 

This article is important for science because when the Covid 19 pandemic spread  Anika switched her research on how to prevent the flu virus from spreading and is now “researching a molecule that could encompass the so-called spike protein that coronaviruses use to invade human cells.”  Her research discovered a molecule that could help scientists make a drug to cure Covid 19. This is breaking news because a 14 year old helped figure out how to develop an antiviral that could help contain the Covid 19 virus.

By Willow 4S

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Some beetles can go in and out of frogs

 Science News for Students

Most beetles will digest by frogs but some can walk through unharmed. The digestive system of a frog is not as strong as some animals’ so a bug can crawl out. This was a very mind-blowing discovery. Nobody really knows how they do it. Most bugs get digested by frogs, obviously. Many scientists are  trying to learn about bugs and digestion with fish, birds, and frogs. Scientists in Japan feed bugs to predators to see what happens. People think that bugs have evolved from other things, Nobody really knows about them. There is a lack of oxygen in a frog’s belly, so most bugs don’t survive. Some people think if  they don’t get digested, the frog will spit them out but they just come out of it’s behind. Only 10 kinds of observed  beetles have survived. I think maybe they don’t need to breathe? Also some people think that they are aquatic. 

I chose this article because it sounded interesting. Beatles can go out of frogs’ digestive system. It was a very fun project to work on. It was very interesting to find out how beetles can go in and out of frogs. At first I thought it was funny but then I thought it was very interesting and very cool because only 10 kinds of beetles can go in and out of the frog’s digestive system unharmed.

By Ben 4S

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Drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals hit hard by COVID-19

Doctors are worrying that a dangerous yeast that can colonize a person’s skin, without generating symptoms, is rising because medical centers are overrun. This is a drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals hit hard by Covid-19. Over Christmas break, 2015, Johanna Rhodes got an email from a doctor working at Royal Brompton Hospital, the biggest heart and lung center in all of the United Kingdom. The doctor said there was a dangerous yeast that was coming into the patients’ skin. The doctor told Johanna to take a look and she asked herself, “How bad can it be?” recalls Johanna, an infectious disease expert at Imperial College London. Johanna stepped in to help one of the world’s top cardiology hospitals. The germ was Candida auris, not known at the time. What she saw stunned her. Do you think Covid-19 was bad? Candida is a superbug, a pathogen that is an early sign of COVID-19 which may be infections of dangerous yeast. That is because Candida auris is particularly prominent in hospital settings, which have been flooded with people this year because of COVID-19. Candida auris sticks to things like paper, railings, door handles, and medical devices. That is how people get Candida auris. They have also seen Candida auris get into acute care hospitals and also in COVID-19 units. Candida auris is very hard to get rid of.

I chose this article because It was an important message to everyone. I saw the picture for the article and it looked science related and interesting. I think everyone should know about Candida auris. Candida auris is breaking news because it relates to COVID-19. This does not change the way we look at old evidence. This does not relate to anything we learned in science. I think this is a very interesting article by Sophie Cousins.

By Sam 4F

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Boulder, Colorado Wakes up to the Threat of Worsening Wildfires

This article is about how bad fires are getting in Colorado. One fact is that this year, the largest in state history is called Cameron Peak Fire and has burned down more than 207,000 acres since mid August. The second largest fire in state history is called East Trubbleson Fire, started October 13, and a few days later it grew by 140,000 acres in a single night it had burned 190,000 acres and an estimated 300-400 houses. A snowstorm provided some relief on October 25. Nearly 700,000 acres, almost 1,100 square miles, have been burned in Colorado. Almost a third of it happened in October. Almost all of Colorado is now experiencing severe, extreme drought.  

This article means for the world that fires seem to be getting worse and we could stop it. I don’t think it changes the way we look at the old evidence, but it seems to mean that fires are getting worse everyday. I chose this article because it seemed really interesting and seemed like something the world should know. This information is important to the world because when wildfires happen, they are dangerous and could cause humongous damage to the world shown above. We haven’t learned something like this I think but we might. 

 By Cadence 4F

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What happens if you catch the Flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

What happens if you catch the Flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

According to the National Geographic article, some people do not take COVID-19 and the flu seriously. With COVID-19 all over the world and it being flu season, we should be cautious of where we go and how many people are around us. The flu and COVID’s symptoms are so similar, some doctors don’t know if you have the flu or COVID. Even if you only have a few symptoms of COVID, you should not try to ride it out on your own.

The flu vaccine is not always 100% effective but that does not mean you should not take it. It will save you from one of the deadly viruses we have here now. Once again, the flu vaccine is not 100% effective but it is the closest we are going to get to perfect, so we should take advantage of it. People have several different options on where to go to get the flu vaccine. You can go to clinics, pharmacies, and some supermarkets. There is no current vaccine for COVID-19 but scientists are working to create one. If you contract both of the viruses, it will be harder for you to fight it. Once you get better, you still may have permanent lung damage, a longer illness, or even death. Scientists don’t know yet if  catching one virus makes you more likely to get the other.

I think that people should get flu shots before flu season because if flu season starts then it may be too late to get it. I chose this article because people need to know that getting both viruses is very deadly. So it is better to prevent one virus then just walking around possibly catching something someone else has with no protection. This is important to the world because this is unbelievable that we are going through two viruses at the same time. This does change the way we look at old evidence because there were many viruses that the whole world has been through but this is different from all of them. Even though this does not relate to anything Hackley students have learned, this is brand new to all of the world. We could get two viruses at the same time!

Some people may think that you don’t need to take vaccines but actually you should take them so you can stay alive. This is a scary time when millions of people are dying, but we will get through this. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

By Tyler 4F

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Too few Toilets

This article is about having too few toilets and how this impacts our world. This also gives a few examples on how to resolve this problem. A fact that supports this is that more than 892 million people don’t dispose of their feces safely, and they get dumped into septic tanks or local rivers and lakes. Some people who are too far away from sewers usually use septic tanks. The feces slowly go into the soil, and every few years a professional takes the feces and takes them away.

This article involves science because it changes how you look at toilets, you take them for granted. Pollution is scientific in many ways, for example people carry a lot of germs which can cause diseases such as cholera and dysentery. I chose this article because I don’t know a lot about this subject. This is important to the world because 2.4 billion people don’t have any toilets, and it is important to solve this problem without hurting the environment. I wanted to learn how to solve this problem.

By Aila 4F

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How many alien civilizations are out there? A new galactic survey holds a clue.

Link to story here

Many people have been talking about aliens in space. I personally believe that aliens exist because of the FKP 2040 or something like that where someone from 2040 found out a way to call people and 2019 (Yes, this incident came out in 2019). You might think this is fake, but there is evidence that this person is real. First of all, as a joke someone asked him who would win the Olympics for 2020, and he said that the Olympics would be canceled. Everyone thought he was lying, and here we are, 2020, with the Olympics canceled. Not only that, he knew our future, and he said that the world would drastically change due to global warming, then we humans began to reflect and try to change. Now, this isn’t the only reason I believe this is true. In the new movie that came out in 2020, A Life On Earth, the expert that also was the host of Planet Earth, A Blue Planet, and others began to talk about our future if global warming carries on, and it was the same.

So, are there alien civilizations out there in the wide and ongoing universe? If there are, how many? What are they doing? Are they finding us, or waiting for us to find them? Do they know about us? What would they do if they did? Obviously, there are plenty of Earth – like planets out there, but we can’t find them yet. It may be a lot easier to live and survive on an earth-like planet, but there are different creatures that may seem to survive better in a place like Venus. If the majority of aliens or anything close to something like us live on a place like Venus, we can’t talk to them or interact with them either. We can’t do anything with them except try to send a spacecraft or something in there, and hopefully it survives the conditions. We don’t know what we’ll find out there, and we don’t know how long it will take to find something alive. Again, you have to remember that they’re aliens. We call them that because we don’t have a good idea of what they are, except for a gray, small creature with pointy chins and green eyes that speak some foreign language and are slimy and like to do weird things. What I’ve been thinking about is what if there are planets of the past and plants of the future? What I mean is planets of the past show the past years. Like if we were in 2023 right now, and we found a past planet that can bring us back to 1962 and we can see what happened then! Future planets basically just bring you to the future. I think that the way FKP 2040 found us was that he was in space then spotted us. We were in the year 2020, but he was in 2040. He was able to contact us that way. Many people think that later on in around 2050, humans will be flying around in jetpacks or something instead of driving cars. They think they will be very high-tech, but for the circumstances right now, like global warming, war, pandemics, riots, wildfires, etc, I’m not holding my breath we’re getting there anytime soon. I’m afraid of my own future, actually.

People know how many earth-like planets in the universe, but they don’t know where. There are about 1,000 to 1,000,000 earth-like planets in the solar system so far, but Kepler found 2,800 by looking at the starry night to see if he can find any flashes of lights, which happens when they blurt out some of their light.

By Zihou 4F

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How do you measure Everest? It’s complicated by frostbite—and politics.

Link here

This article focuses on how Khimlal Gautam measured Mount Everest, the largest mountain in the world, and how it gets complicated. It also talks about the changes the world made and makes over time to Mount Everest. He and his team measured the mountain by climbing all the way to the top in the darkness, then they set up a GPS antenna which saved its location. Next, they put a ground penetrating radar to measure how deep the snow is. Gautam even lost a toe to frostbite! It even talks about the sea level. They also tell you some facts about the study and research on the exact height of Mount Everest. In the end, Mount Everest is 5.4979  miles(29.029 feet, 8.848 kilometers, 348,350 inches, and if you really want to know, 8.848 million millimeters.). Gravity makes it harder to find the sea level because of the unequal distribution of the land. A Geoid is basically the surface of the earth that has been defined by gravity, and it undulates with the uneven distribution of the earth’s mass and closely approximates mean sea level, only if the sea level can flow through entire continents.

It is important to know plenty about Mount Everest; did you know that Mount Everest is actually named after George Everest, a former Surveyor General of India? I wanted to use this article because I thought that it would be fun to write an article summary about the largest mountain in the world! It is important to know the height of Mount Everest because it may actually help making larger skyscrapers. I used to think that the world was over a million miles long, and I thought Mount Everest was around 1,000 miles tall, but now I know that 1 million miles are MUCH longer than I thought. This may not be breaking news that if we don’t know we won’t survive, but it is pretty important. I don’t know how I thought of this, but for some reason I feel like this is sort of like the Apples-a-head challenge in science! In order for the apple to balance we had to find a flat spot on our head. We can’t just put it on our ear! It wouldn’t last as long. We also had to set a strong base, like the large space that the large mountain can rest on.

By Zihou 4F

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Batteries not included: This Game Boy look-alike doesn’t need them

Batteries not included: This Game Boy look-alike doesn’t need them

The name of the article is “Batteries not included: This Gameboy look-alike doesn’t need them”, the source is Science News for Students. This article is about how they made an old school classic, the Nintendo Gameboy, solar and friction powered (playing the game powers it). Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands had been looking for ways to lower electronic waste from handheld video game devices when being played. So they remodeled the Gameboy to be solar and friction powered. Hester, a man who helped create this, says, “It is better to play games like Tetris because there is a lot of button mashing.”

This article is important to science because it reduced electronic waste. They made it so it’s solar and friction powered. I chose this article because I like to play video games. I think it is cool because they made something and made it new and solar and friction powered. This information is not really important to the world, but parents should know this because if kids want new video games, they can get this. Also the world will benefit from solar and friction powered toys/games.

By Trevor 4C

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