New ways to clean up polluted sources of drinking water

Polluted water is a very big problem in our country. For example, in 2014, people in Flint, Michigan, had lead in their water. Scientists are now trying to come up with ways to clean water. Scientist David Reckhow and his colleagues think that we should use ferrate to clean water.  Ferrate is an ion, so it kills bacteria in the water. It also breaks carbon-based pollutants into less harmful chemicals. They think that this will help them unpollute water.

I chose this topic because it could fix many problems in the world.  For example, we wouldn’t have to be asking ourselves if the water is clean or not; we would already know it is. I believe that this is breaking news because it could solve many of our problems. If there is no polluted water, then much fewer people would be getting sick by unclean water. This is why I chose this article.        

By August 4T

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A Sperm whale was found Dead with TONS of plastic in its stomach

A young female sperm whale was found dead in Porto Cervo, Italy, with 48 pounds of plastic in its stomach. The plastic inside the whale’s stomach includes disposable dishes, a corrugated tube, plastic shopping bags, and a detergent package with the barcode still on it. The whale was about 26 feet long. All the plastic was too hard for the poor whale digest, but how the whale actually died from the plastic is still unknown. In addition to the young female whale dying, the whale’s unborn baby died with its mother. The World Wildlife Fund said, “Plastic is one of marine life’s worst enemies.” Europe is one of the world’s biggest plastic producers.They dump between 150,000-500,000 tons of macroplastics and 70,000-130,000 tons of microplastics in the ocean every year

I chose this article because I love animals and plastic is killing them! I want everyone to know how horrible and how much damage plastic is doing. Even though plastic is a small thing, like a plastic bottle, some people don’t realize how much damage it is doing to the environment. This is important to the world because now people will be more use less and less plastic and more people will protect the whales. This relates to something we have done in science because we are learned about ecosystems and if whales die out, then it will affect a whole ecosystem. If whales die, then most likely their predators will soon die out too.

By Zizi 4T

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New device translates brain activity into speech. Here’s how.

Brain Activity To Speech? It’s Possible!

Below: The stamp sized machine.

Have you lost your ability to speak? This new device detects electrical activity and uses it to synthesize dialogue.Five participants who had lost the ability to speak read hundreds of sentences, and the device decoded it all. It decodes the lips, jaw, and tongue’s action. Another study used the same device, but with a different view at the study. The first used vocal tracks, this one did not. “The brain is the most efficient machine that has evolved over millennia, and speech is one of the hallmarks of behavior of humans that sets us apart from even all the non-human primates,” said Gopala Anumanchipalli, University of California, San Francisco. Some sounds and sentences were harder to decode, and although it wasn’t perfect, it worked and they are still trying to make it better.

I chose this article because it is a very big discovery in science. We used to think that if you lost your voice, it was gone for good.This changed how we looked at that. I also chose this article because I know that if you have lost the ability to speak, it is a big deal. We use talking for a lot of things. This is new breaking news. This will save your voice!

By Valentina 4T

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U.S. Measles Outbreaks Are Driven By A Global Surge In The Virus


There is a big new problem happening with the number of people infected with scary sickness, the measles.  In 1960, the measles vaccine, was created and at that time, there were 3-4 million cases a year. But with the vaccine the cases decreased and the US government declared measles eliminated by the year 2000. Now measles are coming back to the United States, and the number of cases increased by 300% in 2018.

This problem means that the government may force everyone in the country to take this vaccine. One reason why some people did not take this vaccine or did not give it to their children is because they thought that this vaccine could hurt them and cause other problems. The government has to prove to these people that this vaccine will actually save their lives. This topic is important to the world because the measles could be deadly. This is similar to what I have learned because it proves that science is important.

By Raphael 4T

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Flash Floods In The Himalayas

Flash Floods In The Himalayas

In the Himalayas, flash floods made from melting glaciers threaten the heavily populated area. The melting glaciers create glacial lakes, which if their banks burst, would send a flash flood down to the lower part of the region, where the people live. Currently only 16% of the lakes threaten people, but as the glaciers melt, the percentage grows. The hydrologic conditions of the lake determine whether the lake will flood or not flood. Most of these lakes are found in the Tibetan Plateau, an elevated region of Tibet and China. There are 1,291 lakes in the Tibetan Plateau, all of which checked and determined whether safe or not by a satellite used by a team of researchers. These lakes are naturally formed, so they have a random chance of flooding. However, the lakes are one of the town’s in the area’s largest  dangers, along with some vicious wild animals.

A GLOF*, a common type of flood, is an outburst flood that occurs when the dam containing the glacial lake fails. The most dangerous lake is Cirenmaco, with three GLOF events. It is a hotspot of floods and is being identified and studied by scientists. Many people are trying to stop this, including Sergiu Jiduc, a geoscientist. Jiduc says, ‘This certainly applies when local communities are involved: their long histories of residing in and living with their surroundings may, among other things, capture environmental changes that might not be detected through remote sensing.” Horodyskyj, another scientist, agrees with this, adding the fact that remote sensing gives an advantage because it can catalogue the dangers of glacial lakes bursting. They are brainstorming ways to stop it, while using satellites to catalog the changes in the glacial lakes.

*Glacial lake outburst flood

This could help people in Tibet if there are flood warnings in the near future. If people learn how to stop it in Tibet, the could use the same technique to stop those other floods, or if the floods cannot be stopped, the people could predict the floods and evacuate the area. Many lives could be saved, and with extra effort, the places they live can be saved too. Because of global warming, floods are becoming imminent in lots of places and are threatening to strip people of their lives, food, and houses. Many people will be saved if people listen to these scientists. This would be a great helper in saving people from disasters and this science could evolve into helping predict earthquakes and other natural disasters. The same type of science is being used to predict volcanoes instead of going inside and having a chance of dying.

By Rani 4T

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Oceans’ fever means fewer fish

Since 1930, some regions have seen a 35 percent drop in individual species that can be caught without harming fisheries.

Do you like eating fish? Well, fish numbers are decreasing due to climate change. Overfishing is making things even worse. Researchers looked at 235 different fish and shellfish populations in between 1930 and 2010. They examined the changes and found out that over the course of that time, even though the habitats were scattered about 38 ocean regions, (so the temperature was a bit different in each place) the sea-surface temperatures have risen to approximately ½ degree Celsius. As the water is getting hotter, the amount of fish-catching has decreased 4.1 percent. eight percent of the habitats examined have gotten smaller because of global warming, but 4 percent have proved that they thrive more in warmer water. An example of a species that is doing better is the black sea bass. It inhabits the northern U.S. coast, but scientist Cristopher Free, says that this species of Bass will “reach its max.” Three  billion people throughout the world eat seafood as their main source of food. So now more than ever, regulators and fishing fleets need to realize the cause of global warming and start taking it seriously.

The reason I chose this article is not because I’m very passionate about fish. In fact, I don’t really like eating seafood at all. I was looking for a good article when the fish picture caught my eye. I thought it looked disgusting, but I clicked on the article. I found out that the article’s topic was actually very interesting. I think this is important to the world because many people rely on fish for food, and if they were to lose the fish, they may not be able to afford other foods, and a lot of the world would be in peril. This article brings the attention that is needed to the fish in the ocean and the people who eat them.

Hope you enjoyed this summary!

By Olivia 4T

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Washington Nurse Likely Infected At Least a Dozen People with Hepatitis

A nurse in Washington probably infected at least 12 different people with Hepatitis C. She had most likely infected them by an injectable drug. Health officials were investigating the outbreak last year where two people got hepatitis C. The two were treated in the same emergency room in Tacoma, Washington. Both of the patients did not have typical risk signs, although both were treated with a injectable drug, opioid. Now the kicker is that they were also treated by the same nurse. Studies showed that both of them had the same genetic strains of hepatitis C, meaning they were infected by the same thing even though they did not know each other. The researchers wanted to find more, so apparently the nurse had used the hospital’s drug dispensing system more than anyone other nurse. That same nurse also tested hepatitis C positive. They found out that she was using the drugs for her own use. They also found out that she used the same syringes that she used on patients. That is not even it, the nurse also infected a total of 13 people. The nurse was then stripped of her license.

I choose this article because I am very interested in anything medical, it really interests me. The more people who do what the nurse did, the more outbreaks we should be expecting in the coming years. This may not be breaking news, but it should not be ignored or this will be breaking news.

By Zachary W. 4M

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Far Galaxies Filled with Dark Matter

Scientists have a theory that most of the universe is filled with dark matter, and to make this theory more possible, they found a new galaxy that is filled with dark matter. The name of this newly discovered galaxy is Cosmic Seagull, and it is 11.3 billion light years away. The reason scientists think that Cosmic Seagull is filled with dark matter is because the farthest stars from Cosmic Seagull are going way too fast to be moved by only the gravity of the galaxy’s gas and stars. And scientists say that is why there is an existence of dark matter in the galaxy of Cosmic Seagull. If the Cosmic Seagull has dark matter in it, then it would be the farthest galaxy with the hypothetical form of matter.

This is news in science that is important because there could be other things in the universe that we don’t have on Earth. I think this is breaking news because it makes us realize that there might be other things that we don’t completely know about like dark matter. I chose this article because I think learning about the other things that are out there in the universe is interesting and fun because there is always something new to discover. In science class, we learned about matter and what types of it there are.

By JP 4M

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Green sea turtles were endangered before but now they are coming back again.

For sea turtles that are living in the part of American Pacific island territories and Hawaii, numbers are going up. Between 2005 and 2015, some scuba diving researchers found even more than 3,400 sea turtles. A whole bunch of them were green sea turtles (90.1%). On average percentage, Hawaii’s green turtles grow 8% each year. In the past few decades though, numbers of green turtles nesting has been increasing slowly. So researchers were attached to boats so they could track reef-dwelling animals and the turtles. But sadly problems are happening to the green turtles like habitat loss and global warming. A very important green sea turtle nesting site was damaged due to hurricane Walaka. But because of the Endangered Species Act, they are no longer harmed by people.

I chose this article because I was entertained with the sea and stuff like that. I think it is important to know that green sea turtle’s numbers are increasing. This relates to what we’re learning is because we are in our wolf unit, and our wolf unit it talks about how wolves are endangered animals. I think this is important to the world because now people can know that if you want to ever see a green sea turtle, now you can.

By Layan 4M

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‘That Can’t Be Real!’ Deep-Sea Explorers Find Trippy, Rainbow-Colored Wonderland

I found this article, written by Stephanie Pappas on April 8, 2019, to be very interesting. It was interesting because the article talks about how scientists discovered hydrothermal vents in the deep Gulf of California that shoot out boiling hot fluids. The structure that the fluids come from is most unusual because it built itself in 10 years. Before that, there was nothing there, but now it is a rainbow seascape.

Scientists also found microbial mats in the Guaymas Basin in the central Gulf of California late last year. They sent a vehicle with no driver that could take pictures underwater. They saw a lot of 3D seascapes and they thought there were hydrothermal vents nearby. In February of this year, they launched another vehicle that was equipped with high-definition cameras to get better pictures of the deep sea. The photos showed many tube worms and many, many species they didn’t recognize.

The team also discovered a hydrothermal vent that hadn’t existed in 2008. The hydrothermal fluid flow has increased because the dissolved minerals and metals in the fluid reacted with seawater. They created huge pagodas which changed the appearance of the environment. In some places, the fluid created ledges or round rims that trap pools of chemicals and gas.

What surprised the scientists the most, was that there were different colors ranging from pink to orange to white to yellow to purple. They had never seen a purple microbial mat ever and it was very exciting. As they delved deeper, researchers also found that the hydrothermal fluid was made from manganese and iron. In conclusion, the scientists felt very amazed about this breaking news and their discoveries since they did not expect to find a rainbow under the sea. The leader of the team is counting the days until she can go back because it was very exciting for her.

This research is important to the world because many new different sea creatures were discovered and need to be studied. It changes the way we look at old evidence because the temperatures are different and and extremely hot for worms to grow. I chose this article because I wanted to learn how different colored gases were created under the sea. This article relates to the ecosystems we have been studying in class.

By Helena 4M

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