There’s an App for That (HOL) (Kind of…)

It is now 10 years since Apple debuted, along with AT&T, the “There’s an App for That” ad campaign to promote the Apple App Store. While apps are useful and continue to proliferate (Schoology has a great app for HOL Classroom), many online software companies have to decided to focus on web development and making their websites compatible with any web enabled device. They choose not spend time and money creating apps for specific devices and their particular operating systems. Today most websites are mobile friendly because they have been programmed using an approach known at responsive design.

As a result almost any website can be turned into an “app” on your mobile device.

On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), open Safari, browse to, and at the top of the screen, next to the website address is a box with an up arrow. When you tap on that icon a menu appears”. Scroll through the gray choices on the bottom row and select “Add to Home Screen”

A new pop-up appears with “Veracross” as the title, back space out the title, replace itby typing in “HOL” and hit the “Add” in the upper right.

Now you have an HOL “app” listed along with you other apps. Selecting it will launch you right into HOL.

Android user can do the same thing. Instead of  clicking on a box with an up arrow. Click on the vertical three dots next the web address and choose “Add to Home Screen”

Enjoy the convenience of turning your favorite websites into “apps”!

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