Emailing Groups in HOL (Using HOL Distribution Lists)

In HOL you have access to email distribution for the groups that you manage. You may access those distribution groups by clicking on the “Contacts” link listed under your Group’s name in the All Classes section of your Employee HOL Homepage (one can always get to the Homepage by clicking on the house icon at the top of the page). After clicking on the Contacts link, you may choose the Email Students or Email Parents link.

Ooops! If you get the screen below, or a non-Hackley email client pops up, your default email client for you computer is not set correctly and you will need to submit a tech ticket to change it. However, there is an alternative way to use the distribution list. (Please continue reading.)

If you right-click on the email link (crtl-click on a Mac), a pop-up menu will list choices including “Copy Email Address”. Select “Copy Email Address” and the distribution list will be copied to your Clipboard.

Next, open a new email and paste the distribution list into the “To:” field of your new email. Now you are ready to add a subject line, add content and send!


  1. You can only use one distribution list per email. If you need to cc parents on an email sent to students, go to your sent items forward the student email and paste the parent distribution list in the “To:” field
  2. You must place the distribution list in the the “To:” field. Veracross depends on this placement to process the email.¬† DO NOT place these lists in the “CC:” or “BCC:” (although I highly recommend leveraging BCC in many other email circumstances)


  1. The beauty of these lists is that you send the email to Veracross and Veracross sends the emails out as individual emails to the recipients on the list on your behalf. This reduces the risk of your email getting caught by a spam filter.
  2. This system automatically prevents a Reply All. The distribution list does not go out on the email. Recipients on the distribution list cannot see the emails on the distribution list, also protecting the recipients privacy.
  3. We can easily track the emails on Veracross’ back end to HOL. If you are curious about whether a listed recipient actually received the email and opened it, please let Jed know, and he will provide you with that information.

While there is a lot of information and explanation here, once you successfully complete the process, you should find it quite simple. As always please let us know if you have any questions!

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