HOL Directories and the Super Search

As you have likely already observed, HOL has several directory buttons:

All these buttons, essentially lead to the same place:

These directories are the all community public directories for students and parents.  The information here is limited and families have options to suppress information from these directories.

However, during the school year, employees have access to a Super Directory in HOL. This directory exists as a search box in the right column of the HOL Employee Hompage (one can always get to the Homepage by clicking on the house icon at the top of the page):

If you type any student or employee name into the directory a pop-up list will appear with the matching directory entries and when you click on the link of the directory entry you are searching for, a full biographical record will pop-up for that entry:

While employee bios are limited, student bios would include more info such as a link to email their parents and medical info. During the school day, all bios show the current academic schedule location of the individual. Also, there is always a button in the bottom right of the bio to full the individuals full academic schedule.

Consider it your paperless Vade Mecum!

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