Reserving a Resource in HOL

Resources reservations are a way to “sign-out” or “sign-up” for available school facilities and equipment . You may reserve a resource by logging on to HOL and clicking on the button “Reserve a Room, Vehicle, or Cart” on the Employee Portal Homepage.

Choose the type of resource you will to reserve:

Select the date you would like to reserve the resource:

You may then filter by name but often it is easier to choose View All at this point:

Select your desired time slot by clicking on the start of your time block and dragging to the end of your time block:

In the pop-up window that appears, you may refine your time slot. If you reserving for and academic class period, please input the specific beginning and end times for that class period, so as not to block out reservation for periods before or after your class. Enter appropriate text in the required Description, Group Size and Notes boxes, then click on the Reserve a Resource button.

If your reservation requires an approval, you will receive an email with your reservation approval status.

Enjoy the use of your reserved resource!!

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